Help Save Las Vegas' First Food Truck Lot!

Help Save Las Vegas' First Food Truck Lot!

February 2, 2021
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Councilwoman Olivia Diaz and
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Why this petition matters

The first ever food truck lot in Las Vegas, planned in the Downtown Arts District was approved by the Planning Commission on December 8th, 2020. This was a huge step forward for the Food Truck Community in Las Vegas, which has been asking for something like this for years. However, shortly thereafter, Councilwoman Olivia Diaz gave into the pressure from a handful of nearby businesses who oppose this lot because they fear any potential competition or change. She delayed the food truck lot opening by asking to review the decision of the Planning Commission at an upcoming City Council hearing, scheduled now on March 3rd, 2021 at 9 am after a couple of postponements the project had to ask for.

Food Trucks have been hit incredibly hard by the pandemic and creating this lot helps bring them business as well as establishes a fun and safe way for locals and tourists alike to enjoy new food, company, and hopefully in the future, a wide variety of live entertainment. We believe in helping food trucks grow their small businesses and make a living. When hundreds of businesses and thousands of residents could benefit, why do the naysayers get the final say?

Here is a list of businesses who signed the petition to Councilwoman Diaz to oppose the food truck lot and prevent it from opening timely:

  • Esther's Kitchen - Chef James Trees
  • Makeshift Union (hair salon) - Lawrence Reha
  • CraftHaus Brewery - Wyndee and Dave Forrest
  • Tacotarian Restaurant - Kristen and Carlos Corral
  • Adventure Indoor Playground - Johnny Lee
  • ReBAR - Shani Garrett
  • Hop Nuts Brewery - Nikki Barkasky
  • Casa Don Juan Restaurant - Melissa Edson
  • Main St. Provisions Restaurant - Kim and Alan G. Owens
  • Sin City Yoga - Jocelyn Orquita
  • Main Street Mercantile - Rebecca Miller
  • Nightmare Toys - Philip Martin
  • Atomic Style Lounge (hair salon) - Jennifer Hunter

*Makers & Finders name was initially signed by a Floor Supervisor who was misinformed by Chef James Trees about his petition to oppose and the food truck lot project facts. M&F business owner Joshua Molina supports this project and we encourage everyone to support his venues in Las Vegas! 

Why you should sign this petition:

  1. You want to support small business owners and food truck operators who will have the opportunity to operate in the proposed food truck lot in Downtown Las Vegas which is a designated Opportunity Zone
  2. You want to support the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District small businesses by increasing visitor traffic, visibility, and exposure
  3. You would like to find more affordable and diverse food options in Downtown Las Vegas
  4. You want Downtown to become a destination for foodies, both local and tourists

*If after you sign the petition, asks you for a donation, you don't have to do that for the signature to be accepted. However, if you are feeling generous, please donate it to boost the petition instead*

Support now
Signatures: 3,602Next Goal: 5,000
Support now