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Oppose "American Dream Miami" Mega-Mall

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Earlier this month (March), Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez shared plans, and his support, for the American Dream Miami project with the Miami Herald. “American Dream Miami” would take up close to 200 acres in Northwestern Miami-Dade. Join us in declaring our opposition to American Dream Miami and every other super-sized private development that completely disregards Miami-Dade’s urban, ecological, and cultural character.

There are countless reasons why American Dream Miami is a bad idea, but some of the key issues are outlined below:

  • Mega-projects DO NOT EQUAL PROSPERITY.

The development is said to create approximately 25,000 jobs. The majority of these jobs, however, would be primarily service-oriented and low-paying, with little opportunity for growth. Miami-Dade needs investment in skills and industries that both attract businesses to South Florida while boosting the local economy, not short-term solutions guided by political benefits.

  • Miami-Dade doesn't need any more artificial entertainment.

Cultural dynamism, ecological diversity, beautiful beaches, and a burgeoning arts community are just a handful of what already makes Miami a global destination. Building artificial ski-slopes and indoor amusement parks are simply profit-driven gimmicks that South Floridians never asked for, and contrary to Mayor Gimenez’s remarks, would not "create a destination that would attract visitors from around the world."

  • Upholding the Urban Development Boundary is CRITICAL.

ADM is technically within the development boundary, but completely disregards the land’s zoning as "industrial/office," instead building a 200-acre retail & recreation complex only accessible by car. This would bring far more traffic congestion, pollution, and human activity further West than most South Floridians are even willing to travel. A handful of developers have proved time and time again that they would prefer to disregard zoning for the sake of short-minded profit.

  • Large-scale development this far West would be an ecological DISASTER.

According to the Urban Impact Lab, the ADM site is “one of the most flood prone and sea level-rise prone areas of Miami-Dade County.” The UDB acts as a buffer between humans and the Everglades, inhibiting pollution, and enabling its ecology to function properly. Furthermore, land set aside for ecological preservation has a huge impact on mitigating flooding; when everything is paved, water has nowhere to go.

  • We’re already seeing the value of higher-density development.

South Florida's development in the 20th Century revolved around the automobile. Today, Miami’s neighborhoods have transformed into vibrant communities connected by streets, buses, and the MetroRail, but sustaining vibrant communities largely hinges on strategic real estate development around urban centers. Residents, developers, and businesses are already benefiting from higher-density developments in areas like Brickell, Downtown, Design District, and Wynwood, contributing to communities where people can walk, bike, and run to their destinations. Building ADM would contribute absolutely nothing to the nearby neighborhoods that are already detached from much of Miami-Dade County’s retail and commercial areas. Smart development weaves together housing, commerce, work, and recreation to create sustainable, vibrant communities. ADM does not fit the criteria.


This petition is not just about real estate, politics, or the environment. It’s a call to end outdated, harmful, and hollow visions for enabling prosperity in South Florida. Miami-Dade has come of age, and has so much untapped potential that already makes it a global destination. Rather than generic, reproduced attractions, let’s support projects that celebrate our neighborhoods and communities, and demand our government does the same!

Get in touch with Mayor Carlos Gimenez by phone (305)375-5071 or by email at

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