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Please Endorse Miami's Pets Trust Funding

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These animals aren't given enough time to find a new home. They deserve a chance at life and to be loved. Every day Miami Dade Animal Services euthanizes more than 20 animals of all ages, yes puppies/kittens as well. It is not fair that because they haven't been adopted within a short amount of weeks, or they are deemed dangerous (these dogs are used as bate in dog fights, mistreated by their irresposible owners and are so scared) they bite someone and are killed. You wouldn't kill an orphan who isn't adopted or a homeless who can't seem to get themselves back on their feet in life would you? So why kill an innocent voiceless animal? Yes shelters are overcrowded, but there are solutions to this and I have addressed that in my letter to Mayor Gimenez.


March 20, 2014

Honorable Carlos Gimenez

Mayor of Miami Dade County

Stephen P. Clark Center

111 NW 1st Street

Miami, FL 33128


Dear Mayor Gimenez,

 I am writing to express my opposition on the decision to retract funding of “No Kill” shelters in Miami Dade County; Unless terminally ill, animals should not be euthanized. All animals should be given a second chance to live their lives, feel loved and secure.  

                  Currently, animals residing in regular shelters are euthanized due to lack of space, not being adopted quickly enough, or considered a ‘danger’ to society. These poor animals are not given enough time to be adopted, rescued or fostered. Animals surrendered by their previous owners are killed as they come in, as confirmed by previous and current volunteers. Due to Breed Specific Legislation, BSL, many dogs at these shelters are illegal in Miami-Dade. It is difficult to find someone outside the county lines to adopt when they aren’t given enough time.

                  There are plenty of solutions to prevent the overcrowding of animal shelters. Micro chipping is a great way to keep pets off the streets and out of the shelters; by educating animal owners on the subject, we can prevent a bleak future for a number of innocent animals. Upon arrival to an animal shelter, animals should be sterilized to prevent future breeding; further limiting the amount of animals without a home in the near future. In Rhode Island, they have adopted legislation, which requires all felines to be altered unless permits for breeding or health restrictions are verified. I strongly believe that this would be a great piece of legislation to make law. Restrictions on breeding should be implemented, e.g., how often an animal can be bred, the type of breed that is allowed to be bred, and so on.

                  Adoption can be a difficult solution; dogs often are not adopted out of fear of aggression. It has been proven that altered animals are, in fact, less aggressive. The application process should be more in depth, and handle more aspects including the dogs safety. As mayor, you are privy to more details pertaining to animal neglect and abuse. Unfortunately, many animals fall victim to these horrific acts. All potential owners should be given a background check at the time of adoption; this could potentially spare lives of many animals.

                  Sponsored fundraising and more events around the county would help with the expansion and the opening of shelters. Many rescues and private organizations take donations to help their funding; this would be a great way to assist the shelters financially. In the end, this is not just for the safety of these animals, but for the well-being of our community.


 Mayte Padilla 

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