Justice for Salaythis Melvin

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Salaythis Melvin a black male was shot and killed at Florida Mall on August 7th 2020. He was shot by a Police officer called to to the scene and was reportedly fleeing from police with a small group when he was shot. Salaythis was carrying an unregistered firearm but did not draw his weapon at police due to him fleeing. Opposing no aggression towards police or immediate threat an officer still decided to shoot Salaythis causing him to die later that day. We’re asking for Justice for Salaythis and his family, everybody deserves a fair trial not an immediate death sentence. xxxxx in an interview after the shooting did not give an answer to what prompted his police to shoot though he said on record he watched the footage.  We’re also pressuring xxxxx to release the “one” body cam footage they have though multiple officers were at the scene of the shooting. We ask that you please sign the petition and help us fight for justice yet again he was 22 years old, Thank you and stay safe.