Save Our Trees - Penryn Woodland

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The Penryn Woodland, located on Victoria Street South, is at risk of being clear cut by Mason Homes. The Penryn Woodland is identified as “significant” under Port Hope’s Official Plan and therefore a protected natural heritage feature. Mason Homes' own consultant report states that the woodland is “significant”. It is also considered “regionally important” by Northumberland’s Natural Heritage System Plan.

Several of the trees in the Penryn Woodland are over 100 years old; some almost 200 years old. It contains a wide range of biodiversity which will be lost and will be irreplaceable. It contains several species at risk as identified by the Endangered Species Act. This woodland contributes to flood mitigation, groundwater replenishment, wildlife habitat, air quality and carbon sequestering.

We are in the midst of a climate crisis, this is a time for planting trees, not cutting them down! Penryn Woodland, along with the other woodlands in our town are critical for our community's capacity for both climate change mitigation and adaptation.

We therefore call on Mayor Bob Sanderson and members of Port Hope Town Council to immediately place a moratorium on the decision about the woodlands in order to stop any tree removal.

Further, we urge Council to consider all reasonable actions to protect the Penryn Woodland from destruction; including:

- Encouraging the developer to donate the land in exchange for a charitable tax receipt

- Consider the woodlot as part of the mandatory parkland dedication requirement

- Considering purchase of the woodlot by the municipality and dedicate it as public open space