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Mayor Bloomberg: Don't Allow People to Have Fewer Rights than Horses!

More than 18 months ago, Mayor Bloomberg signed into law an historically humane and compassionate decree that all carriage horses working in New York City be guaranteed five weeks off from work each year. He recognized that horses need time away from work to heal and be healthy.

Now horses in New York City are enjoying a right that human beings still lack. More than 44 million workers—including at least 1.4 million in New York City—do not have paid sick days.

That’s why the Community Service Society of New York (CSS) is calling on Mayor Bloomberg to stand up for paid sick leave for all New York City workers.

Nearly two out of three low-wage workers (64%) do not have paid sick leave. For low-income working mothers it’s even worse: 70% don’t have paid time off to care for a sick child or their own illness. Lack of paid sick days is a health hazard for all New Yorkers: more than half of food service workers and 43% of workers in close contact with kids or the elderly are without it.

Join the Community Service Society of New York today, and tell Mayor Bloomberg that especially now when New Yorkers are struggling to hold onto their jobs they need basic, common sense benefits. No one should have to choose between their health and their paycheck!

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Mayor, New York City Mayor Bloomberg
More than 1.4 million New Yorkers currently have no access to paid sick leave, and nationwide 1 in 6 workers report having been terminated or threatened with being fired for taking time off due to a personal or family illness.

This is an issue in need of serious leadership. As Mayor of New York City, you have a critical opportunity to stand up for workers and their families.

Please support paid sick leave legislation. New Yorkers deserve it.