SAVE BIKI: Ask Honolulu Leaders to Embrace Biki as Public Transit

SAVE BIKI: Ask Honolulu Leaders to Embrace Biki as Public Transit

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Blue Planet Foundation started this petition to City and County of Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi and

Honolulu's Biki bikeshare system provides an affordable, healthy, reliable way to maneuver our city. These bikes make it easy for residents to drive less and embrace a car-lite or car-free lifestyle, reducing overall transportation costs for households that are already financially strained. Biking also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the costs we will all continue to bear due to climate change. More than 80% of Biki rides in 2020 were taken by Oahu residents.

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated businesses across Hawaii, and Biki has been severely impacted. While the City has been a great partner for Biki, the bikeshare system is not currently considered an official part of Honolulu's public transit system, and this essential service now faces potential closure if our leaders fail to act immediately.

We ask Mayor Rick Blangiardi and our Honolulu City Council members to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of Biki in recognition of the program as an essential public transportation service that provides an affordable, reliable, and healthy option to Honolulu residents. Our leaders must protect this bikeshare program from the ongoing impacts of the pandemic to halt additional bike station closures that impede access to this critical transportation option and ensure the eventual restoration of recently closed stations in our neighborhoods. We urge our leaders to create a solution that provides long-term support to Biki so this vital part of our transportation system not only survives, but can expand to provide service in more neighborhoods and key locations.

Before the pandemic (2017-2019), Biki was ranked by the National Association of City Transportation Officials as being among the most heavily used station-based bikeshare systems in the nation, on par with bikeshare programs in Boston, Chicago, New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the District of Columbia. According to data from nonprofit Bikeshare Hawaii, which manages Biki, the bikeshare service has logged approximately 4 million total rides. 

According to Biki's 2020 Member Survey...
30% of members reported having lost weight since joining Biki
57% exercised more often
49% drive or carpool less often
11% reduced the number of cars in their household
56% discovered or visited a new business
19% used Biki to connect to the Bus
79% continued to ride Biki because they considered it the safest form of public transportation during the pandemic


What can you do to save Biki?

1. Sign the petition today to show your support for Biki as an essential public service on Oahu.

2. Email this petition to five friends.

3. Contact Mayor Rick Blangiardi and your City Council Members to let them know how essential Biki is to Oahu residents and ask them to create a long-term plan to ensure Biki is supported and embraced as public transportation.


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This petition is endorsed by Blue Planet Foundation, Sustainable Transportation Coalition of Hawaii, Ulupono Initiative, Hawaii Bicycling League, Faith Action Environmental Justice Task Force, Sierra Club, Oʻahu Group, and Blue Zones Project - Hawaiʻi.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!