Stop horse carriage rides in Central Park

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These horses have to not only walk great distances but also to drag hundreds of pounds behind them. They are also being forced to walk alongside cars, buses and other dangerous vehicles. There are many risks associated with horse carriages including:

-In September 2016, a carriage horse named Norman collapsed on 50th Street street at 2 AM from exhaustion and could not get up for 20 minutes.

-In October 2014, a carriage horse named Barney broke free and escaped, running for blocks against traffic before he was corralled by the NYPD.

-In June 2014, a carriage horse named Pumpkin got spooked and bolted down Central Park South, causing mayhem before crashing into a taxi cab.

-In December 2013, a carriage driver was arrested for animal cruelty for forcing Blondie the carriage horse to work for four days while she was severely injured.

There are more examples but they are pretty gruesome and I don't really like talking about it. If you want to read more or know where I got this information from go to

These horses work at least 63 hours a week which is much longer than an average 9-5/5 work week. At the end of the day, they have to walk 1-2 miles through traffic to their stalls in stables in Hell's Kitchen by the Lincoln Tunnel.

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