Resignation of Governor Of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rossello

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hello, my most cordial greetings, and my most sincere apologies if I take a little time to read my request, but I dare to send you this request, since you can be an important voice, to ask for the resignation of a despota he mocks all the Puerto Ricans of the island and those who live in the US Territory, after the acts of corruption in Education and other administrative areas, a chat emerged where his figure as governor is further denigrated, mocking the deaths caused by the hurricane Maria, and other deaths of public figures in Puerto Rico, in addition to going to light their scheme of how they moved tokens to profit from contracts their friends, in addition to this the refusal to resign, please ask them to help me not only my Jose J Gonzalez, if not a betrayed People, I can be ashamed to have a Charlatan as governor, a person who does not represent us as a people or as Governor of his more presided American territory.