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Remove Christopher Columbus statue from Astoria Blvd

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Praising genocide needs to be stopped NOW! This is a revolution, a time for a change. The people have woken from their deep slumber of capitalist society, and white supremacy and blindness to the corrupt system. Many of our black brothers and sisters are facing frustrating, excruciating, brutality from the police, and abusive verbal language and behaviors from racists. Not just now but for so long before, we are all human none of US EVER have to go through that, EVER. Minorities and different races have been oppressed as well. We need to start advocating for different races, cultures, the HUMAN RACE. 

Astoria has always been culturally diverse and accepting of everyone. However, being silent and just being kind is not enough. We need to stand up and show that we are all one together. Genocide of the Native Americans will forever be rememebred in American history. Christopher Columbus's discovery of the new world only led to the destruction of many natives homes. It should not be presented as a statue of glory. It needs to be removed. 

Sign this petition to remove that statue of a leader who is a constant symbol of genocide in the history of America. This is just the beginning. We the people need to support each other, this is the start of a revolution. BE APART OF IT. BE APART of history. Make Astoria practice what it preaches. OUR COMMUNITY is accepting of anyone, everyone. Evolution is beginning. SHARE THE PETITION !! Everyone living in New York City and especially Astoria. 

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