Open Our Park at 50 Kent!

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North Brooklyn has been fighting for years to open up land for public use along the East River waterfront. In a community with some of the lowest amounts of green space per person in all of New York City every bit of park space matters. Over the past decade much of that energy has been focused on securing, remediating, and opening up the multiple parcels of what will eventually be the 27 acre Bushwick Inlet Park, stretching from North 9th to North 15th Streets. 

One of these parcels which was completed last year is at 50 Kent. It's a 1.8 acre green field that was open regularly in 2019 with picnic tables between North 11th and North 12th Streets. Despite community outcry and demands it has remained closed throughout the entire COVID crisis, padlocked and fenced off from the public. 

As we enter the heat of the summer this situation cannot be allowed to continue. Our community is desperate for public green space where they can safely social distance. To give a sense of the scale of this site it could hold over *500* of the social distancing circles which have become so popular at Domino Park. 

We demand that the community park at 50 Kent and North 12th Street between Kent Avenue and the East River be opened immediately. This community has fought  for decades for these spaces and needs them now more than ever.