NYC Mayor and OMB: Please Release the Funds to Replace the Turf at Bushwick Inlet Park

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The playing field at Bushwick Inlet Park, regularly used and enjoyed by many thousands of Brooklynites, has been in terrible disrepair for over two years. The situation continues to get worse, and the turf is well past the point where it needs to be replaced.

We understand that NYC's financial situation is difficult right now - however we also understand that this turf replacement had previously been budgeted for and scheduled. The repair cost is minimal relative to the overall city budget.

We are respectfully asking that NYC Mayor De Blasio and OMB Director Melanie Hartzog release the funding for this project now so the turf replacement can be scheduled and completed over the winter - in time for Spring 2021.

NYC's COVID-19 challenge has served to underscore how critical NYC's parks and open spaces are to the health of the city. We know there are tough choices to make, but NYC cannot balance its budget on the back of BIP and other NYC Parks.