Equal Pay for All CBO Pre-K Staff in NYC

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Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is running a presidential bid based on the “success” of his Pre-K For All program (Universal Pre-K), and the New York City Council are congratulating themselves for reaching an agreement on pay parity for early care providers.  What they are deliberately not disclosing is that they have only granted pay equity to a small portion of Community-Based Organization (CBO) staff: those that are unionized. Together, these ‘progressive’ politicians have dismissed the majority of those who implement this program.  Their unethical two-tiered system of compensation continues to destabilized the early childhood community and hurts our youngest learners. The facts are:

  • 2/3 of CBO staff are not unionized
  • CBOs represent over 60% of Pre-K sites in NYC; serving over 50,000 children under 5-years-old
  • 70% of CBO Pre-K teachers are people of color vs. 40% of DOE Pre-K teachers are people of color
  • CBOs professional often work 12 months compared to their DOE colleagues who work a 10 month school year
  • CBO classrooms are assessed by the same high standards set by ECERS and CLASS
  • CBO teachers with equal degrees and years of experience get paid $15-36k less than DOE teachers
  • CBOs are often serve communities with high economic need

Many of those who work in CBOs still make minimum wage. The staff that are supporting our most vulnerable learners shouldn’t have to worry about making ends meet, worry about covering a medical bill,  or worry about supporting our students out of the poverty cycle while living in poverty because city leadership continues to pass budgets/deals that neglect their humanity. 


  • Equal compensation for equal work
  • Salary scale for all non-unionized teachers, assistants, aides, support staff, and admin differentiated for 180/225/260 day long school years, credentials, and years of experience
  • Health care cost reductions
  • Retirement benefits equitable to DOE 
  • Dialogue with non-union CBO staff directly affected by pay inequity