We Support the Family Shelters in Park Slope

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Two homeless shelters for families with children run by WIN, the organization that helps families rebuild their lives, are coming to Park Slope this fall. According to Bklyner, 535 4th Avenue (14th St.) will provide 148 units for homeless families while 555 4th Avenue (15th St.) will provide 105 units for homeless families. WIN will offer services to the residents of the two buildings including case management, housing specialists, security, and social workers (one per every 25 families).  

We, the residents who live near the shelters, will welcome the families who live in these shelters as our neighbors because we believe that:

-Families that are displaced and temporarily unable to pay for shelter are families like yours and mine, but need support.

-As Councilmember Lander said:  "Our city has both a moral and a legal obligation to provide a safe place to sleep every night, to provide shelter for everybody who’s homeless and I’m glad we have that legal obligation. It is the right thing to do."

-It makes sense that New York City takes a fair share approach to make sure that communities are all helping address homelessness.  Our area has very few shelters.

-We know that WIN provides comprehensive programs and services that enable homeless families to succeed in life and break the cycle of homelessness.

-Nearby schools will not be overburdened because the vast majority of families in temporary shelter choose to keep their kids in the schools they are enrolled in at time of displacement.  Schools do not see an influx of new students as a result of homeless shelters.  (Source: D15 Superintendent)

-The larger community with means can help the families in these shelters get back on their feet by volunteering, providing job opportunities, participating in the Community Advisory Group that WIN will establish, and/or donating goods to the shelters.

As the Coalition of the Homeless states, "By stabilizing people through shelter, moving them into permanent housing, and implementing assistance programs to keep them in their housing, we can not only reduce, but eliminate, homelessness in New York City."

Citizen Squirrel, which encourages families with young children to be civically engaged, looks forward to finding opportunities to support the families with children at these shelters.  We believe that homelessness is an issue that society can help address for the common good.