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Mayor Bach - Issue proclamation for Colorado Springs PrideFest


Colorado's second-largest city (population 380,000), Colorado Springs is just an hour or so south of Denver and has a quite conservative reputation compared with the state capital and many other parts of the state. Indeed, this city edging the Rockies is home to a number of conservative religious and political groups, including the infamously homophobic Focus on the Family and the New Life Church. 

The city's pride Center is hosting Colorado Springs Gay Pride it's 21st anniversay on Saturday and Sunday, July 16 and 17, 2011. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette The Mayor has rejected to issue a PrideFest Proclamation!- 

Mayor rejects request to issue proclamation for PrideFest - City Desk



Letter to
City Councilor Brandy Williams
City Councilor Val Snider
City Councilor Merv Bennett
and 10 others
City Councilor Angela Dougan
City Councilor Tim Leigh
City Councilor Lisa Czelatdko
City Manager Steven Cox
City Councilor Scott Hente
Budget Manager Lisa Bigelow
City Councilor Jan Martin
Mayor of Colorado Springs Steve Bach
Steve Bach
City Councilor William B. (Bernie) Herpin Jr.
I was disheartened to see Mayor Bach's recent refusal to issue a issue proclamation for Colorado Springs' 21st Annual PrideFest. The LGBT community of Colorado Springs and many community LGBT community members attend the pride fest increasing local income tax and tourism revenue.

I'm writing to ask you to reconsider issuing a proclamation for PrideFest in a show of support of the LGBT community of Colorado Springs . This decision is unfair and continues to promote the stereotype that Colorado Springs is an unwelcoming community to the LGBT Community .

I urge you to issue a proclamation for PrideFest as well as attend the PrideFest in a show of support for Colorado Spring's LGBT Community.

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