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Mayor Bach: Allow Occupy Colorado Springs to use Acacia Park


The Occupy Colorado Springs movement stands in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street and the hundreds of other local occupations around the globe to protest the corruptive influence that a corporate elite that places profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, wields over our governments. 

We have repeatedly asked the city of Colorado Springs to grant us a safe public space from which to exercise our first amendment rights to free expression and assembly, and the city has repeatedly denied our request to use Acacia Park for this purpose.

Please stand with us and our movement to elevate the voices of the 99% in Colorado Springs.


Letter to
Councillor William "Bernie" Heperin
Councillor Tim Leigh
Councillor Brandy Williams
and 7 others
Councillor Jan Martin
Councillor Val Snider
Councillor Scott Hente
Councillor Angela Dougan
Councillor Merv Bennett
Councillor Lisa Czelatdko
Mayor Steve Bach
Dear Mayor Bach and Councillors,

I'm writing to let you know that I stand with the Occupy Colorado Springs movement and encourage you to work with demonstrators to allow them to occupy Acacia Park safely.

It's no surprise that the OccupyEverywhere movement, which began Wall Street, has found support around the world. Regardless of political affiliation, we are all impacted by the historic inequity that plagues our country.

That includes people who live, work, and shop in Colorado Springs. It's imperative that you allow OccupyEverywhere full and free access to Acacia Park, including the ability to put up tents at night, to express solidarity with what could be the defining movement of our time.


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