Justice for Henry Green: Charge Jason Bare and Zachary Rosen

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On June 6, 2016, in Columbus, Ohio, 23-year-old Henry Green was walking home with his friend, Christian Rutledge, when a tinted SUV swerved their direction and two white men in civilian clothes jumped out with guns drawn. They shot and killed Green while his friend ran from the shooting. The two men that killed Green were apart of the Columbus Police's Community Safety Initiative (CSI) and were supposed to act only as surveillance.

The two officers, Jason Bare and Zachary Rosen, claim they saw Green 'brandish a gun' when they passed him earlier, in addition to first claiming with '100% certainty' that they announced they were police officers before firing at Green. The officers’ story contradicts multiple witnesses and each other's as they'd later morph their own stories to admit they couldn't be sure whether they announced they were police or if Rosen started shooting before Bare even got out of the car.

Neither were indicted or fired contrary to all of this uncertainty. In addition, officer Bare had a history of using unnecessary force and chasing down those who hadn't broken the law. When someone gave him the middle finger from inside his home in 2015, Bare knocked the man's door down, tackled him, arrested him, and proceeded to mock him. Years earlier he tased a "suspect" who was actually a runaway child and has admitted to at least 8 occasions of drunk driving, including once 2 weeks prior to being hired by CDP. Zachary Rosen is the officer that went on to stomp on the head of a man who was handcuffed in 2017. He proceeded to kneel on his head after stomping. A complaint was also filed against Rosen after he followed someone until finding a made up reason to pull him over after the man told Rosen he was parked in a fire lane. None of these led to either officers being fired and the CSI program was championed as a success despite a complete lack of data supporting the program.

The Department of Justice found in a thorough 1999 investigation of the Columbus Police that the department is harassing, over policing, and conducting bogus arrests of lower income and majority black neighborhoods while avoiding non-biased investigations of police misconduct. The police union fought the Civil Rights case and the DOJ eventually gave up, empowering the Columbus Police to continue their conduct with nobody to stop them. Notorious for their bad hiring practices and lack of accountability, Columbus Police have continued this behavior. Hold police accountable. Defund and abolish corrupt institutions. Charge Jason Bare and Zachary Rosen. Justice for Henry Green.