Help End Police Brutality in Columbus OH by Demanding New Regulations

Help End Police Brutality in Columbus OH by Demanding New Regulations

June 3, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mackenzie Fleming

In light of recent events, the world has been searching for answers to decrease police brutality. Research conducted by the organization Campaign Zero suggests that by enacting 8 regulations, police brutality can decrease in communities by up to 72%. To follow up this research they have started the project #8CantWait to catalogue the implementation of these policies city by city. In Columbus, Ohio only 4 of the 8 regulations are in place. 

The 8 regulations that #8CantWait recommend are:

1) Requirement of deescalation 

2) Ban on chokeholds/strangleholds

3) Duty to intervene  

4) Required warning to shoot

5) Ban on shooting at a moving vehicle

6) Requirement  of comprehensive reporting 

7) Requires exhausting other means before shooting 

8) Has use of force continuum

Currently, Columbus, Ohio only requires deescalation, a ban on chokeholds, a required warning before shooting and a use of force continuum. 

Due to the current injustices that many individuals are facing, especially those within the Black Community, I am demanding that Mayor Andrew Ginther and CPD Police Chief Quinlan implement the other four regulations in order to decrease police brutality in Columbus, Ohio. 

You can find more information about the statistical research, why each regulation is beneficial, what each regulation is and factual evidence of these regulations at

If you are interested in learning more about Campaign Zero, you can find more information at 

I appreciate your support, and hope to encourage further legislation to support the Black Lives Matter movement and to decrease police brutality. 



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Signatures: 1,247Next Goal: 1,500
Support now