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Preserve Immigrant House By Moving To New Location

Please preserve Mountain View's last “Immigrant House" located at 166 Bryant Street and to re-locate it somewhere in Mt. View such as near the Rengstorff House in Shoreline Park.

Built in before 1888, this building holds significance in that it represents the history of the immigration experience here in Mountain View and the laborers whose hard work “built this city”. This house would serve as a contrast to the houses of the wealthy (such as Rengstorff House) and show future generations how the working class lived. It represents the humble beginning of the American dream for past generations.

That this structure has survived until now is nothing short of a miracle! It may be the oldest home still standing in downtown Mountain View.

At one point there were over 400 such houses in the Santa Clara valley – San Jose saved their last four – please save Mountain View’s last one!

Preserving this little house will afford the opportunity for students and other interested parties to experience firsthand the culture and lifestyle of immigrant groups and its laborers who helped to settle and cultivate the Santa Clara Valley. We save the homes of the wealthy - lets save the home if the people who created them.

The homes dimensions are about 14 feet by 20 feet. In today’s world of excess people are amazed to realize that an entire family could live in such a small and simple dwelling!

So we are asking the council to save 166 Bryant Street as an homage to the laborers of Mt. View who lived 100 years ago and to re-locate it somewhere in Mt. View.

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