NO to the Rodgers Creek Development request to double in size

NO to the Rodgers Creek Development request to double in size

November 7, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by WVCS 2019

In 2008, the Rodgers Creek Development was approved for 493 units, including apartments, townhomes and single-family homes.

Fast forward to 2019 and British Pacific Properties, based on the new Official Community Plan (OCP), is asking to make these previously approved units smaller but almost double the number of units to 967, an increase of 474 units.

If Rodgers Creek gets approval of the additional 474 units, this will near enough give a green light to Gateway Residences and many other projects scheduled to come before council to use the OCP as their excuse to push density in our community.

To be clear, we are not against all development, we are against a development being approved and then the developer coming back to the table and asking for MORE. 

We are asking that Mayor and Council say NO to doubling the size of this already approved project. 

Potential problems with this new proposal?

This development may very well add up to 2,000 additional cars on our road. What will all this additional traffic do to already high traffic areas such as Lions Gate Bridge, 22nd Street, 15th Street and Taylor Way? The traffic study being shared by the developer is composed of North America wide data. One simply cannot compare generic North America wide data to a massive development that is on a mountainside with a single road as the only access. The proposed transit plan for the potential 2,000 new residents is a minibus, provided through TransLink bt paid for by BPP from CAC money that should technically go towards facilities such as our recreation centre and parks.

BPP and some on Council are trying to “SELL” this to the residents as being a great environmental move. How can 2,000 cars driving up and down a mountain every day be good for our environment? The Green House Gas emissions of building a concrete and steel building will take 30-50 years of energy savings to break even. Does this sound like a good idea when our council just declared a Climate Emergency and some claim that we may only have ten years left?

These are to be market rate apartments along with market price rentals. On November 6th, 2019, there were 77 rentals available for under $2,000 in West Vancouver. The number of rentals almost doubles at the $2,500 rental rate with 135 available. With so much available on the market, is there a rental crisis? 

Housing Plan
The District of West Vancouver has no housing plan so how can staff and council know what is or is not needed?  From the recently completed Angus Reid survey, we know that 67% of those polled did not want additional density.

Since the completion of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge in 1960, there have been and remain a total of nine lanes to get to and from the North Shore. The only improvement since then has been the Seabus and this is for foot passengers only. Over the past nearly 60 years there has been massive development on the North Shore, Sunshine Coast and the sea to sky corridor with next to no infrastructure spending. We need our Mayor and Council to understand that they cannot have any high-density developments until there is a third crossing or other improved transportation plan.

At the council meeting on October 28th, Councillor Cameron clearly states that, “We are passing it in the near future.” This project is considered to be a done deal unless YOU speak out about it. Watch Cameron’s comments here:

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Signatures: 2,869Next Goal: 5,000
Support now