Save community space at the St. Monica's site

Save community space at the St. Monica's site

September 9, 2019
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Mayor and Council West Vancouver
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sheona McDonald

Saint Monica's church was first opened to the community in 1951. For 62 years it welcomed people for religious services & community events alike. 

Peter Nilsson, a developer, purchased the site and the two adjacent properties. He has put forward a proposal to rezone the church site so fourteen homes and an underground parking lot can be put in. These homes are to be sold at market value and residents will have to pay a Strata fee.

Once the community space has been rezoned it will be lost forever.

Peter and his team appear to have formed a united front and claim to have 83% support from his canvassing in the community.

This petition is to get a clear sense of who opposes the current proposal before the council.

This petition is for you, if you:

- feel that there isn't enough information, yet, to make a clear decision about the proposed development.

- feel that the current proposal is too large for the four lots

- still believe the Local Area Plan for Horseshoe Bay needs to be developed before this proposed development is approved or pushed forward.

- have concerns about the developer

- have concerns about the trees that will be destroyed to support this development.

- have questions that aren't being answered

- feel that something needs to be done to improve the lots and the church as they currently exist but that think the scope of the proposal is too large for the space/neighborhood

-  believe that community space must be preserved as part of whatever development is done on those lots. Be that by Quma as part of their plan, or with Kevin Faw (who has offered to purchase the lots and maintain community space) or by another means.

- believe that if we are going to create housing that meets the definition of 'missing middle' it should also be housing that is affordable.

There are lots of options moving forward. There is another local resident keen to purchase the space and retain it for community use. It is possible to push back and suggest a more modest development be put in. It is possible to ask that Mr. Nilsson be mandated to include community space in his development. There is still time to have discussion.

You don't have to live in Horseshoe Bay to sign this petition. The merits of the project are being discussed in terms of how they impact the greater district. So, if you have an opinion about development impacting community space that residents are trying to preserve, that social groups want to use.

Please let your voice be heard here and feel free to share.


This petition made change with 1,358 supporters!

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