Make exceptions to RV bylaw in Township of Langley

Make exceptions to RV bylaw in Township of Langley

January 8, 2020
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Jack Froese (Mayor, Township of Langley)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jo-Anne Emery

If you live in the Township of Langley and own an RV, it could cost you $1200+ more per year to live there . . . and the TOL doesn't make a penny of that money - none of it goes into taxes! All the money goes to storage facilities but the TOL pays the cost of bylaw enforcement and legal representation with our tax money!

Residents have to find storage which is in short supply so the prices are high – up to $200 per month which adds up to approximately $10,000 per year that each cul-de-sac spends on RV storage … every year!

The bylaw needs exceptions as cul-de-sacs are not being treated fairly.

The bylaw is seriously flawed as it requires RVs that are stored on your property to be in the side yard (beside the house) or the backyard (access via lane way). They cannot be on the driveway from October 1 to March 31. That is fine for all regular shaped lots with side yards or back alleys as they CAN COMPLY.

However, Langley has many cul-de-sacs of pie-shaped lots (very narrow in front) with the house  set far back with no side yard. Most have double-wide super long driveways with room for four vehicles; and there are no back alleys which means there is no road access to the backyard. There is NO POSSIBILITY OF COMPLIANCE.

There is no solution for people living in a cul-de-sac but to pay for storage each year, if a space can be found OR INCUR THE TOWNSHIP OF LANGLEY FINES:

"Such action may include the issuance of bylaw offence notices to the Owners of up to $100, for each day the Lands are not in compliance. The Township may also seek a mandatory injunction from the Court authorizing the Township to take all steps necessary to bring the Lands into compliance with the Township’s lawful requirements, including the removal of any recreational vehicles located on the Lands in breach of the Township’s Zoning Bylaw, at the Owner’s full expense. We will also seek to recover the Township’s full costs of any legal action taken against the Owners, costs that will likely exceed $5,000." (From a letter issued by TOL lawyers.)

Residents of the Township of Langley feel this is an unreasonable expense the Township is requiring owners on pie-shaped cul-de-sac lots to pay due to “eyesore” complaints from anyone who complains for any reason and who is not required to justify it, and it will have to be moved at the owner’s expense and the owner won’t even be told who complained.

So, the Township must consider developing some exceptions to this bylaw or it will:

  • discourage RV owners from buying homes in the Township of Langley,
  • cost residents up to $1,200 per year,
  • pit neighbour against neighbour, and
  • create avoidable animosity between taxpayers and the Township.
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Signatures: 145Next Goal: 200
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