Make Rockville, MD a Sanctuary City

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Make Rockville, MD a Sanctuary City

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Started by ben shnider

Rockville prides itself on being an open and inclusive community. Our city’s diversity is among its greatest strengths.

However, the atmosphere of exclusion generated by recent anti-immigrant federal policies and the handful of hate incidents that have occurred in town underscores the importance of Rockville reaffirming its commitment to inclusivity.

It is in this spirit that we urge the Rockville Mayor and Council to swiftly enact a strong “Sanctuary City” law.

Over one-third of Rockville residents were born outside of the United States and -- now more than ever -- it is incumbent upon the city’s leadership to make unmistakably clear that our community will stand with all our citizens, regardless of their federal immigration status.

Immigrants are the bedrock of Rockville’s economy. They are our business owners, students, hard-working employees and loyal customers. As in so many communities across the country, immigrants power the dynamic commerce that allows Rockville’s economy to thrive.

Immigrants are our sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers. Rockville’s leaders have an obligation to the community’s immigrant families to ensure that city resources won’t be dedicated to tearing our city’s families apart.

Rockville already has in place informal policies that keep our immigrant neighbors from being singled out by law-enforcement officials because of their immigration status. But it has become clear that informal policies are not enough: Rockville must write these protections into law.

We, the undersigned, call upon Rockville’s Mayor and Council to declare our community a “Sanctuary City,” write the corresponding policies into law, and reaffirm Rockville’s commitment to inclusivity and basic American values.


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This petition had 1,213 supporters

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