Allow Little Free Libraries in Oradell NJ

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You may have seen our little free library on Lotus Ave with the red roof and door. Since October 2020 - even in the middle of the winter - we've seen children and adults thrilled to be able to pick out books and donate back (a delivery driver was excited and borrowed a book last week!) At least once a week we get compliments for installing our book drop and it has created a sense of community lacking in the pandemic.

Unfortunately, due to a complaint, we are required to remove our little free library as it violates zoning laws in our town. Today I'm asking you to sign this petition to show your support for little free libraries in Oradell. Your signature will help influence the mayor and council to change the laws and allow residents to install book drops in their front yards. 

Book drops and little free libraries allow communities to come together and share a love of reading while practicing safe social distancing in these pandemic times. They teach our children about sharing and community. With the library closed for browsing for over a year, the experience of picking out a book has been lost. What are some other benefits?

  • Promoting literacy
  • Promotes General Neighborliness
  • Expands Your Own Literary Horizons
  • Allows You To Talk With Strangers
  • Cultivates a Town Spirit of Generosity

Support education and community in our town by signing today.