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Allow the use of a kudo bus to provide transportation on Clearwater Beach

Captain John’s Beach Bus is writing this petition to promote the use of a solar powered kudo bus as a means of commercial transportation on Clearwater Beach. The City of Clearwater has denied the use of a solar powered, eco-friendly low speed vehicle (LSV) as a means of transportation because it exceeds the federal motor vehicle safety standard (FMVSS) requirements in terms of weight. The current limit that the Federal Government has set is a maximum weight of 3,000 pounds, which dates back to June 17, 1998. The Federal Government has denied the Environmental Transport Association’s (ETA’s) proposed petition on September 26, 2008 (FR Doc No: E8-22736) to allow the use of LSVs with a weight limit of 4,000 pounds. At the heart of the rulemaking regarding LSVs is that they were too small to meet the requirements of passenger cars, and would only be used in controlled, low-speed environments, where the risk of collision would be small. In their ruling the Federal Government has authorized the local jurisdictions to establish exceptions to the requirement and authorize general on-road use of LSVs. The speed limit on Clearwater Beach does not exceed 25 MPH and there is no logic behind the City of Clearwater’s decision to deny the operation of a solar powered kudo bus on the roadways. This petition will allow the use of a LSV to operate at the vehicles weight capacity of 2,250 pounds. The LSV is a solar electric means of transportation and a friendly choice to our environment. This vehicle meets all federal motor carrier safety standards set forth by the State of Florida. This kudo bus helps to support the growing demand to reduce or eliminate the numbers of petroleum-fueled vehicles in use today. We the people want and support the use of a kudo bus on Clearwater Beach and work towards protecting our environment by allowing a solar powered LSV to provide commercial transportation within the jurisdiction of Clearwater Beach. By signing this petition you will help to allow the use of a solar powered LSV to operate on the roadways of Clearwater Beach and support the use of eco-friendly transportation.


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  • Mayor and City Council of Clearwater, Florida
    George N. Cretekos

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