A Quarter Mile of Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park Should be Designated as Clothing-Optional

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A Quarter Mile of Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park Should be Designated as Clothing-Optional

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Angela Anderson started this petition to Mayor of Jacksonville, FL Mayor Alvin Brown

Naturism promotes a positive body image, boosts self esteem, and is directly non-sexual. It is beneficial to the individual and can produce a very positive impact for the local economy. Naturism serves as a personal comfort and a stronger sense of freedom, gives one relaxation, and produces overall well-being. Although you may not be one to "bare your buns" on the beach, we ask that you respect each belief, and make a place for everyone. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is a local park and beach that is owned the city of Jacksonville, and we see that a quarter mile section of this beach would be an ideal location to designate as clothing-optional.

     You may have heard through word of mouth about a petition for Jacksonville Beach asking that a section of the beach be designated as clothing optional. This petition gained much support and reached news media/radio/newspapers all over the area, and even appeared in some UK websites:

( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2652896/Florida-woman-launches-petition-calling-nudist-zone-Jacksonville-Beach.html )

      As of course with anything, there were also people opposed to the idea. The petition has since, it's beginning in mid-May, gained almost 2,500 signatures from people of all over. Therein lies the problem though; as most of the signatures were not coming from Jacksonville Beach. I understand Mayor Latham when he said that Jacksonville Beach is a residential community, and it is not in our wishes to force this beach onto a population that does not want it. That would not be right or fair.

     However, after counting the signatures gained thus far, (one by one, very tediously), I found out that actually most of the signatures, in fact, came from Jacksonville! Nine-hundred and forty-two to be exact, and that is not including Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, or Orange Park. Although Jacksonville Beach did not favor the proposal, it is very clear that there is a demand for a clothing-optional beach here in Jacksonville, and it is something to be excited about!

      We believe that a section of Hanna Park would serve as the best location for this beach. Not only is it secluded, so as to not disturb any residents, but because it has a central location where people pay to enter. Haulover Beach, for example, is the only legalized clothing optional beach here in Florida and that beach brings in OVER A BILLION DOLLARS in revenue to the city (including gas, parking fees, hotel fees, etc.) Wouldn't that be a shot in the arm to the local economy?

       The beach of course should be managed and mentored to promote "Nude Beach Etiquette". This is standard protocol for naturists around the world and basically common sense. Where adopted, Nude Beach Etiquette results in respect for the environment and users of both clothing-optional and clothing-required public beaches. It empowers people to speak up for standards and discourages those that behave inappropriately and with illegal intentions. More information on Nude Beach Etiquette can be found on the American Association of Nude Recreation website linked below:

( http://www.aanr.com/beach-etiquette )

       Effective management by both a naturist mentoring group and local government is key for safe growth. If the park raised the entrance fee by 1$, this extra money could go to hiring beach patrol to monitor the beach, as they do at Playalinda Beach in Titusville. (Playalinda Beach is on federal land and has a clothing optional section of its beach).

      Haulover Beach is another prime example of how to manage a clothing optional beach. I have attended Haulover Beach Ambassador meetings in Miami so as to see how they regulate the beach. These meetings are attended by Miami Dade police officers, Miami Dade Fire Department's Beach Safety lifegaurds, South Florida Free Beaches members, B.E.A.C.H.E.S Foundation members, and the Haulover Beach Ambassadors as well. The Beach Ambassadors have vowed to volunteer time (a minimum of 8 hours a month) to welcome and educate people who come to the beach. They hold quarterly training sessions with local managers of the park, lifegaurds, and police. These training sessions update everyone on how the beach is going and what there is to improve on. It's a parntership that has worked for twenty-three years!

If our proposal for a clothing optional section of the park was accepted, either of these ideas from Playalinda or Haulover Beach could be implemented.

      You still may be thinking though "Why would anyone want this in the first place though? Why does everyone seem to care so much about being naked?" Well it is quite simple really. Nudism/Naturism (Whatever you want to call it) is about:

 -Freedom/Liberation - an American creed that harms no one.

 -Promoting positive body image - as many people only see "perfect
 tens" showing skin on television, this denotes an unrealistic and negative message to people, especially our children.

 -Builds confidence - (Goes along with positive body image)

 -It is directly NON-sexual in its nature and environment - This is necessary in this day and age where anything and everything has been over-sexualized. This is especially beneficial to women within our society. Naturism is a direct rebuttal and antithetical to that. It is really only in our minds where we connect the simple naked body with sex.

 -It's comfortable! - Skinny-dipping is much more comfortable than a saggy/expensive bathing suit.

 -No tan lines!

      This is also not a "new concept" either.  It should also be noted that in cultures around the world, nudity is not seen as strictly as it is here in the States. Rick Steves, a journalist with the Chicago Tribune wrote within one of his articles, 

"Americans may be taken aback, but Europeans think nothing for shedding their clothes at the beach or in a public bath. Nudity is the norm."

-(In Europe, Strip Off All Your Inhibitions).

( http://www.chicagotribune.com/travel/sc-trav-0706-steves-20100706,0,6384393.story )

      Most importantly though, we are not asking that you necessarily agree with us, but that you respect our request for a designated area in Jacksonville. Nude recreation is considered a recreation as all others, and deserves a spot in this city just the same. Hanna Park Beach holds over a mile of sandy beach and we only want a section of it. Most of the beach would be kept as clothing required, as we only want 1/4 of a mile.

    And finally, thank you for your time and consideration. If you have liked what you read, please do sign the petition and spread the word! You can also check us out on our Facebook page linked below.

Thank you for your support!

Sincerely, Angela Anderson



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- http://sffb.com/pdfs/media/hauloverrevenue.pdf - A pdf file of Haulover Beach revenue as of 2012.

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This petition had 717 supporters