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Upgrade Memphis Animal Services into No-kill Shelter and replace management

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Memphis Animal Services, is an animal shelter that resides in Memphis, TN that regularly euthanizes animals as it is a kill shelter. Sometimes it even euthanizes the wrong animal or even when there is a guaranteed adoption. We can do better than this by simply trying harder and working together. (Image is courtesy of MemphisFlyer . com)

In 2014, it has been reported that the shelter took in nearly 11754 animals and adopted out 5265, while it euthanized 5853.

The problems at this shelter run deep aside from the erroneous euthanizations, with prior employees accused of rape and ties to dog fighting and many others having criminal backgrounds. This is clearly not a healthy environment for success, whether it be for people or dogs. In fact, they considered shortening their hours back in 2014. Back in October 2012, several animal shelter employees were charged with animal abuse.

The animals here don't have time on their side, but they certainly all come with stories, and resorting to euthanasia is not the appropriate way to fix such situations, such as overpopulation. They should not be punished by the negligence of others.

And although the adoptions are increasing in comparison with the animals put down, it's too little too late. Pets deserve more, especially when they have no voice.

For instance, other shelters in much larger communities have created programs at which unwanted dogs become service dogs through the help of those who are in prison. Rather than simply giving up the dogs, the dogs are given a new life. Spay and Neuter programs need to be done in balance.

There is something in place currently called the Tennessee Task Force, but I believe we can find other similar programs that dogs can fit into from the Memphis area. This program helps give dogs a second chance with search and rescue tasks forces. However, I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg and we can help increase turnaround rates to those who go through programs such as this or other similar programs such as PTSD Service dogs to help support those in the military who have come back from war or even those who are trained to impact the lives of the elderly. Dogs can have a strong emotional impact on humans and it results in a better quality of life for both alike.

With that being said, our goal is to help work with the City to create a no-kill shelter with or without the current facility, but the current management would no longer be in place. Our efforts will be ongoing and relentless as we pursue our goal of a no kill shelter in Memphis. With our extensive network of contacts we can safely move any animals to no-kill shelters while we work to create the ideal environment for pets to be adopted in the community.

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