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Ban Animal Testing

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Animal Testing

Why did we start? Why do we allow this to happen? Why do we continue? Why are we harming innocent animals, who did not do anything to us? Why?

Animal testing have been going on since 1920's.

Over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused in United States' labs every year.

The products that are tested on animals may never be used for anything useful and it is also expensive to test on animals. Not only are time, money and animals’ lives being wasted (with a huge amount of pain), but effective treatments are being mistakenly discarded and ineffective treatments are getting through. 

Animal testing is unreliable, cruel, inhuman, and even dangerous! Using animal testing is unreliable because animals are different from human, doing all of these testings are irrelevant to people. There are other ways to test products effectively without harming any animals. People have been using many products that have been testing their products on animal just to see is it is harmful or not. It needs to be stopped before it begins to harm everyone that uses these products. By banning animal testing we will end animal cruelty and lower the chance by harming people with unreliable products.


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