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Too many people go into those sites and post harrassing, menacing, or slanderous comments or remarks. These cause serious reprehensible damage to individuals or even families lives when people believe them...I suffered for three years at the hands of this website, due to a group of people on there spreading damaging lies about me. I was harrassed via phone threats, emails, and my children were brought into it. We have helped Halt.Org with their campaign to stop from charging people $19.95 every time they want a damaging thread removed. Topix was making monies off of other people's pain and suffering. This company either needs to have more manpower to restrict the threads to pertain ONLY to city governement issues, or be SHUT Down completely!!..I am not here to stop Freedom of Speech, but to stop this website from allowing others to be hurt. Topix in Oregon is being sued for allowing a woman to accuse another woman of killing her brother. The woman was harrassed on a constant basis by the sister-in-law when it was proven another person killed her brother.
I want to stop them in their tracks. For three years they allowed a woman to accuse me of murder, prostitution, drug-dealing, child-molestation, beastiality, amongst other numerous crimes that weren't true. Its not just my plight but others as well. Many other Topix forum sites have the same issues. Please help to stop the bullying and harrassment this site allows to go on everyday.

Someone posted this on Topix recently:

"I have just recently started going to this site, and what upsets me the most is the fact that there are adults on here who are bad mouthing children and young adults. We are telling our children that they should not bully other children, or poke fun at them cause they might be a little different. But I see adults calling these kids losers, waste of skin and many other obnoxious things. I have children and I would not want to see someone saying horrible things about them cause they have nothing to do with their time but "torment people". Do you have children, little brothers and sisters, nieces or nephews, think how they would feel to see their name plastered on this site. Funny thing about children and teenagers its things like this that push them to a point where they feel worse about themselves then normal, and they don't think before they act. So next time you want to say something about a child on here, think if this was your child, or your sibling, or some relative and how you would feel if because of things that were said a irreversible act was committed. Set by example, our children are watching! "

and another:

TOPIX.COM is a self-described "news" website located in Palo Alto, CA who is majority owned by Gannett (USA Today's parent), McClatchy and Tribune. Topix allows people to anonymously post fake "news" in their Topix Forums which blend inconspicuously with legitimate news stories republished from other websites and which can quickly dominate web searches on a person or business name. Topix does not require registration, review posts before they are published (other than for profanity) and old posts are never archived. If you or your child was attacked in a Topix Forum please complete our new Topix Victims survey.

Topix has instituted no measures which would prevent cyberbullying, harassment, cyber stalking, antisemitism, hate and defamation in spite of years of complaint and abuse by victims, many of who have suffered emotional, psychological, and financial harm from lost jobs and destroyed reputations. Three children and their mother might be alive today if it were not for Topix Anonymous Forums. more..

Topix harm continues right now and according to court documents dedicates less than ten humans to [retroactively] moderate over 300,000 forums. Topix website is covered with references to news and abstracts from legitimate news, yet 75% of Topix traffic comes from comments made by users. Web searches on Topix generally bring up local gossip, slander and trash forums. Topix claimed once to be a community but their community apparently received over 1000 complaints a day and is not considered to be a valuable social networking tool by a single mainstream third party that we can locate. They claim to remove abusive posts within three days but our poll shows that only half are honored. Topix tricks search engines into landing on its site, to sell the ads which litter their site. more

What you will find on this website:

Help for Topix victims
An explanation of what Topix is, how it works and why it is a problem
Topix control over search engines such as GOOGLE
Coverage of Topix Abuse Issues in the Media
Articles about Topix and cyber bullying
Legal issues relevant to Topix
The human impact of Topix abuse
Tech talk about Topix
What needs to be done
Topix troubling repubishing of MATCH.COM profile

Are you or someone that you know a Topix VICTIM? Click here to complete the victims survey and be added to our contact list or go here for HELP NOW

Topix defamation and abuse victims survey shows that Topix is retroactively deleting posts more quickly but that the toll of lost jobs, emotional distress, and other personal damage is mounting. Full info at the victims impact page Harmed by Topix

Toxic topix has no affiliation with Facebook or with any Facebook group fighting or expressing opposition to Topix. Any common members of such Facebook groups and the Toxic Topix team is incidental.
Help Prevent Further Topix Abuse: What You Can Do Right Now

Topix stands their ground, unethically skirting the law by allowing their abusive anonymous website to continue without registration or pre-moderation and their abuse reporting system seems slow and inconsistently applied. Unless you take SOME ACTION WITH US more children will be hurt, more people will lose jobs and reputations will continue to be damaged. There are simple actions that you can take before you leave this site. PLEASE HELP US prevent more casualties.

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