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Maximum Sentence for Luis Baltazar for Charges of Extreme Animal Cruelty


Case# FR212347  Court Date August 14, 2012

Chaves County: Roswell, NM: Luis Baltazar was arrested after complaints from neighbors that they had heard dogs crying out in pain in Baltzar’s yard. Neighbors reported hearing a dog howling in extreme distress but didn’t realize the severity of the situation. While investigating the complaint, Chaves County Deputies arrived at the home of Baltzar and found him holding a bloody baseball bat and a female pit bull barely alive. The pit bull was so severely injured she had to be humanely euthanized.

Albuquerque KRQE reports that the Deputies stated "We interviewed him to try and determine what was going on, and it appeared he was just mad that the dogs were barking," recalled sheriff's Lt. Britt Snyder.  "(That) is what prompted him to go out there and beat this one particular dog just, almost to death with a baseball bat."

The Roswell Animal Shelter kennel manager stated “the wound on all of the dogs were very disturbing”. The female pit bull had severe burns on her back and the other dogs all showed signs of prior abuse and had scaring. One shepherd cross has old wounds on it’s back and head and a surviving pit bull has lacerations on his leg. A veterinarian at the Roswell Animal Shelter will examine the three surviving dogs.

Luis Baltazar has been charged with Extreme Animal Cruelty and was released on bond. Baltazar was convicted of battery in the past and completed an anger-management course as part of his sentencing.

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Video Courtesty of Albuquerque KRQE

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