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Petitioning District Attorney William Clark Everett

Maximum Sentence for Darrell Montese Overton, Nicole Phillips if Found Guilty of Cruelty to Animals, Abandonment to Animals.

Greenville, NC: Eastern Carolina University football player Darrell Montese Overton was keeping a pit bull owned by Nicole Phillips in his apartment. Phillips moved and abandoned the dog in the apartment. The dog was found in the apartment alone with no water. The utilities had been shut off. When asked about the dog, Overton and Phillips had conflicting stories as to the situation. Authorities gave Overton the opportunity to surrender the dog, however he resisted. Animal Control took custody of the dog. Overton and Phillips were arrested and charged with one count each for cruelty to animals and abandonment to animals.

Overton has been suspended from the team pending the outcome of the investigation.

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This petition will be updated as more information becomes available; however, the intent will remain the same.

Letter to
District Attorney William Clark Everett
We, the undersigned respectfully request that, if found guilty of Cruelty to Animals and Abandonment to Animals, Darrell Montese Overton and Nicole Phillips be sentenced to the maximum sentence allowed by law. We also request that Overton and Phillips not be able to own or live with companion animals.

Thank you for considering our remarks.

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