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Gerald McKinney of is being charged with mutilating an animal, a Class D felony, and animal cruelty, a Class A misdemeanor after he beat his pit bull "Bootsie" at his girlfriend's home in St. Joseph County, Indiana when the dog supposedly became aggressive.

Then, police say McKinney tried to bury the dog alive in the yard with the help of his son.  The dog was underneath two heavy blankets and "barely breathing."  One of the dog's eyeballs was missing, and its face was bloody and distorted from the bat strikes.  The dog tried to get up when police llifted the blankets that covered the dog, but it could not stand due to broken ribs and legs.  South Bend Animal Control officers decided the dog's injuries were too severe and the animal was put down.
McKinney tried to bury the dog alive in the yard with the help of his son.

Just as we will not accept violence being committed against people, we cannot allow animal torturers to walk our streets unpunished.

Letter to
We the undersigned are requesting that if Gerald McKinney, who is charged with animal mutilation and animal cruelty, is convicted that he be sentenced to the maximum amount of jail time, fines and other penalties allowable under Indiana law.
Mr. McKinney is accused of severly beating, with a baseball bat, a young named Bootsie on August 4, 2010 then attempting to bury the dog alive to cover up his crimes.
We are requesting that no plea bargains be offered to Mr. McKinney which may result in his being charged with lesser crimes and consequently receive lighter sentences.
We abhor animal cruelty, torture and other abuse. It is our wish that messages be sent to those who would commit those types of crime that society will not stand for violence being committed upon animals any more than we will allow it to go unnoticed when committed against humans.
Please, hear our plea and consider it strongly when it comes to sentencing for Mr. McKinney should he be found guilty of the animal mutilation and cruelty crimes with which he is charged.

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