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Maximum Animal Cruelty Charges for Zoraida Garcia If Found Guilty!

Bradenton, Florida: Veteran detectives arrived to car alarm call and came upon Zoriada Garcia who was continuously beating a dog with a thick metal flashlight. The dog, a pit bull whimpered and cried out as 59 year old Garcia beat her. The pit bull dog is believed to be between 2 and 5 years old was in “constant pain, yelping in distress” states Tampa Bay’s 10 News article.


The detectives ordered Ms Garcia to stop. Ms Garcia did not stop and proceeded to come at the detective with what turned out to be a BB gun. After Ms Garcia’s surrender, the frightened and hurt dog was taken to a local veterinarian for treatment. Garcia is being charged with beating the terrified dog.


Even long-time veterinarian Dr. Berglund was shocked at what he found upon examination of the female pit bull. She was in a lot of pain and was extremely frightened. Dr. Berglund stated that the dog is very sweet and is currently recovering from her abuse. She is being offered a loving forever home by one of the detectives that rescued this sweet girl from this horror.


Ms Garcia’s employer, Miguel Cruz was interviewed. Mr. Cruz supports her actions saying “that she was trying to stop the animal from attacking another dog”.

Garcia has a criminal record ranging from probation violation, retail theft and driving with a suspended license.


Story courtesy of 10 news Tampa Bay:

Letter to
Judge Krug , Thomas
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Judge Krug , Thomas.

Maximum Animal Cruelty Charges for Zoraida Garcia If Found Guilty!

We the undersigned, respectfully request that if found guilty of animal cruelty, Zoriada Garcia be sentenced with the maximum sentence for the brutal beating of a pit bull dog. We further request, that Ms Garcia be banned from owning animals or being within 100 feet of any animal.

Thank you for considering our remarks.


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