Declare 2019 Mauritian Elections Nul/Void and have a Free and Fair General Election

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People of mauritius are completely frustrated and unhappy with the election general of 2019. Too many fraud for their own personal gain, more than 6,000 people which their name was check in but still can't vote . As mauritian citizens we all want an another election general which is completely fair.

An increasing majority of the Citizens of Mauritius Island are completely frustrated and unhappy with the announcement, process and outcome of the 2019 Legislative Elections.

* There have been widespread instances of electoral miscarriages of due process and substantial allegations of electoral fraud by the affected parties, their agents, and countless testimonies from citizens.
* Over 6,000 names disappeared, were misplaced or weren’t on the electoral list, resulting in obstruction in a free and fair election for just under 1% of the electorate.
* Some media and citizens reported cases of double-identity in electoral lists, preventing Mauritian citizens to fulfil their civic duty.
* There has been widespread shock and disbelief at the electoral result from citizens and candidates from all ethnicities and backgrounds, major and minor parties as well as independents.
* Many have already labelled the election illegitimate and unconstitutional and want transparency in the process.

We, Mauritians, unite to request a Free And Fair election and petition the Mauritian Electoral Commission to declare these Legislative Elections as nul and void and to pave way for another election in three months time, on February 7, 2020.

Should we reach over 100,000 signatures in this petition, it would not be inconceivable that citizens and the media lodge a formal complaint to the Supreme Court, or Higher Courts in the United Kingdom or the United Nations.