Maureen Henry: End ignorance, welcome change. Don't just hear us, listen.

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Valley Stream South High School is known to be a school of character but the character of the principal, Maureen Henry is in question. Mr. Visone, teacher of an 11AP United States history class started a project where students were urged to make a positive change in their community. This could be in the town, in the state, or even in the school and several students decided to pick the school as their place of change. When students began wanting to speak with Ms.Henry, she shut down the project. Ms.Henry "does not have time to speak with these kids" and so she told Mr. Visone that he must shut down the project immediately. We are students trying to make our school a better place, a true school of character but Ms. Henry is standing in our way. We are coming to her wanting to make positive change in Valley Stream South High School but we have been told that we can't. She has not even began to meet with students, but when she heard that students would be coming to her to make change, she couldn't allow it.   Ms.Henry has not only not allowed students to make positive change but she has been allegedly racist, homophobic, and disrespectful to many among South's Student Body. This is a principal who has defended the use of the word "faggot", fought against the creation of a GSA, has told girls that they must change because they are "distracting boys", has scolded students for exercising their right not to stand for the pledge of allegiance, and much more. Ms.Henry must allow Mr. Visone to continue his project "Operation Affect Positive Change" , she must be held accountable for her actions, and attention must be drawn to the true character of Valley Stream South High School's principal. We need a principal who fights for us, not against us. We need a principal who will empower her students, not intimidate them. We need a principal who shows her students and faculty respect. The South student body will not let Ms. Henry silence us any longer. Dr. Heidenreich we are asking you to please listen to the students of Valley Stream South High School and make the change in leadership that we so desperately need.