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SAVE Early Childhood Education in LAUSD!

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SRLDP (School Readiness Language Development Program) is a high-quality preschool program for four-year-olds that provides an academic and social-emotional readiness program for students before they enter kindergarten. SRLDP programs exist in low socio-economic L.A. neighborhoods where most students are English Language Learners. Many people have never heard of it, but it began in the '70s, as an outgrowth of the Civil Rights movement. Today, providing early childhood education to our most vulnerable students is still a civil rights issue.

On February 20, Superintendent Ramon Cortines announced that SRLDP programs will be cut next year, due to alleged budget shortfalls -- shortfalls that UTLA (the teachers' union) vehemently dispute. Current reports indicate that LAUSD plans to reduce SRLDP by 45%.  SRLDP currently has 275 programs — at one time, it had 600, in addition to parent education classes and multiple opportunities for professional development. All of this has been eliminated. The proposed cut means that 104 programs will be cut and only 171 will remain for next year.  By closing 104 programs, 3,744 children will not go to pre-school next year.

And yet, SRLDP continues to be incredibly valuable to our communities, to our schools, and to our students and their families. With the recent implementation of demanding Common Core standards, disadvantaged preschool students need language development and academic readiness skills more than ever in order to succeed.


Especially if you are a parent, teacher, or former SRLDP student -- it's essential that you make your voice heard NOW. Write in now to,, Tweet, Blog, share on Facebook, and tell your friends. We can save our research-based, high-quality preschool program, if we have enough supporters.

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