Requesting MAKAUT to "STOP" this so Called Online Classes for Semester System!!

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As there is Nation wide Lock-down we are locked into the houses. Many of the College students live in Hostels near College they also are locked into homes where there is not any Wifi Connection, in this scenario MAKAUT has announced to do online classes and to upload weekly activities, it is very hard for us to do online Classes in this scenario.

1. In online classes the system of taking classes are so pathetic and we even are not getting cleared for all our doubts, we are paying for our semesters to learn properly not in this way, this is Engineering we need to clear our concepts. 

2. Those many students who live in hostels have all their books and documents (for some students laptop also) in hostels so in home how they will prepare for those assignments! Makaut need to think for all students not for those who have all facilities in Home

3. It is National Lock-down and here we must have to obey it and in this condition MAKAUT is pressurizing the Students to do Online Classes without thinking for majority of Students.

In online classes no doubts are cleared properly, not every student attends those classes so for their future MAKAUT need to stop this So Called online classes atleast for those who have books and all documents in hostels. 

MAKAUT please think for all the students.

PLease sign this petition so that everyone will be able to learn properly. Thank You.