For Immediate Resignations: Michael Rembis, Debbie Walsh, Gary Kienbaum and Lisa Paulson.

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It is time to ask for the immediate resignations of the following Maui Memorial Medical Center leadership:

  • Michael Rembis, Chief Executive Officer
  • Debbie Walsh, Chief Operation Officer
  • Gary Kienbaum, Chief Nurse Executive
  • Lisa Paulson, Director of Strategic Communications

The named above have and continue to implement abusive and dangerous policies putting both healthcare staff and the Maui community at risk during the COVID-19 health crisis. Sign this petition to urge Maui Health System to ask for the immediate resignations of the Maui Memorial Medical Center leadership team named above.

Lack of transparency, lack of PPE, excuses, late to respond, not adhering to infection controls, not open to community donations, lack of compassion, accusations of healthcare workers "overreacting," constant blanket statements that they are following CDC guidelines (we can and must do better!), not allowing nurses to wear personally purchased PPE - the list goes on. 

Many healthcare workers are afraid to speak out due to fear of retaliation. The community of Maui must help support our healthcare workers and demand better of the "leadership" of Maui Memorial Medical Center. Sign this petition to add your voice! 

Media Links (as of 4/11/20 - additional articles online):