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So I found out this morning that my friends brother Matthew Owens was attacked in his own front yard by about 20 to 30 black men. They attacked him with bats, paint cans and bricks. As they left them laying there for dead they told him that was for Trayvon Martin. He is now in the ICU at USA with 13 staples in his head and in critical condition his brain is bleeding. He did not know Trayvon and neither did the guys that beat him up nor did ue deserve it. Why is THIS not considered a "hate" crime?!?! Why is nothing being done for him? Its not on the news or receiving any kind of media attention. I feel this man deserves justice just as much as Trayvon does and they need to take the necessary steps to apprehend these men and bring them to justice for this horrible crime they have committed. Please keep him in your prayers as he is trying to recover. What a sad world we live in that u can't even be in your own front yard (right off pleasent valley rd. ).....from kristen willie raley

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