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Save the original look of Monster High dolls!!!

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Recently it has been announced that Mattel will be giving a makeover to the Monster High dolls and redesigning the faces of the dolls, style of clothing and boxes. Although the brand has changed its packaging a few times, and changes like those are good to bring some excitement and update an image, the changes that will be made to the faces are quite drastic and many people do not like it!  Here is Mattel's official announcement regarding the change:

In the video released, the explanation behind this is that some people consider the Monster High dolls to be "too dark or scary", and in response, the dolls are being redesigned to look more..... bright? colourful? bland? washed out? watered down? All these words have been used by dedicated MH collectors to describe the look of the new dolls. Regardless of the words used, there is an strong sense of disappointment amongst MH collectors regarding this change!

An important aspect that Mattel may have forgot about (or chose to ignore), is that this change goes against what Monster High stands for!!! MH's message is "Be yourself! Be unique! Be a monster". It's about embracing your freaky flaws, recognising that "imperfections are scary-cool and embracing everyone’s differences is encouraged" (taken directly from the Monster High website). So how does that work with the fact that they are changing the brand because "some people consider the dolls to be too dark or scary"? You're basically promoting the idea of changing yourself because others don't like you. 

Secondly, the reason why Monster High has become such a popular brand is exactly because it is different! Quirky, punk, slightly gothy, but still colourful! Perfect! In a world of "perfect" princesses and Barbie dolls, MH was a breath of fresh air!!!  It is true that some people may be put off by the darker/edgier look of the dolls, but those now have the option of buying Ever After High dolls!


Whether you dislike the look of the new dolls, or you're on the fence about them, it's important to understand that the change WILL GO AHEAD! Mattel has already created the dolls and the boxes and the new campaign that will accompany the change, so we will definitely be seeing the new dolls in stores in 2016!

So this petition is not aimed at trying to discourage Mattel from producing these new dolls, but rather, a plea that they will not discontinue the old look!

I have created this petition, and yet, I do believe that the new dolls are kinda cute, and they will probably be very appealing to kids (and those parents that do not like the "dark" look). My concern (and that of many others) is that this change will mean the old look and style will be completely eliminated. 

So please Mattel: #SavetheoldMonsterHigh

So if you agree and would like to ask Mattel to NOT DISCONTINUE the old style, please sign and share the petition! 



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