Mattel's Best Action Figure! ... Bring Back Max Steel in 2019: #maxsteel2019 initiative

Mattel's Best Action Figure! ... Bring Back Max Steel in 2019: #maxsteel2019 initiative

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Luiscalolo Mcgraph started this petition to President & COO, Mattel, Inc. Richard Dickson

“Cool gear. Cool adventures. That’s Max Steel”.

This catchy and powerful slogan was used by the Max Steel franchise during its 2001 campaign. Moreover, it successfully summarizes the essence behind this action figure, and hopefully it grabs your attention into reading this petition (and more importantly, signing it... yeah, we need a lot of signatures) that was written in the name of every Max Steel fanatic across the world.


The term “action figure” makes almost everyone remember “Masters of the Universe” and/or “G.I. Joe”, yet Max Steel managed to stand out from the rest, becoming more than a simple action figure. Yes, in a pop culture filled with caped crusaders, mutants, aliens, gamma monsters, sorcerers, etc. Max Steel managed to turn into my favorite character.

Max Steel used to be a college student who was also a famous competitor in extreme sports. One day, he got infected with futuristic nanotech particles after an unexpected confrontation with a criminal called Psycho. These particles endowed him with superhuman strength and superhuman speed; notwithstanding, this effect was limited, so every time that it was over, he could just rely on his athletic skills and intellect. He became a secret agent in his father’s high-tech organization that protected the world from criminals and powerful monsters. The majority of Max Steel’s movies and episodes possessed a well-developed plot and unforgettable fighting scenes (like this one: Max Steel vs. Psycho... you’re welcome). Besides, some extreme sports competitors from the real world (yeah! The REAL world...our world) made an appearance in the Max Steel series, such as Tony Hawk. In a matter of fact, he remembered Max Steel in one of his tweets a couple of months ago (Tony, you are awesome!... I’m a big fan of yours).

On the other hand, the action figures are like the best toys you can imagine and still better. (I will try to be objective with my description, but [spoiler alert] it is impossible... what can I do if I still remember the battle pack where Max Steel came with two dinosaurs and/or the battle pack where he came with a space suit battling a robotic space bug?!). Each action figure from the toy line (1999–2012) had many points of articulation and came with a very cool gadget. Max Steel was the main character, but there was a humongous variety of other fantastic characters as well. In a matter of fact, the figures of Elementor (a big monster with the power to turn into and manipulate the elements of the planet) were way more popular than the figures of other well-known characters from other brands in Latin America.


I came across Max Steel in 2001. I was just two years old, but somehow I can clearly remember the moment when my mother showed me two different action figures in a toy store. She told me to choose one, so I chose the Max Steel toy that came with boxing gear without hesitating. Little I knew that that decision would begin my collection of Max Steel action figures (and would lead me to this crucial moment in Max Steel’s history). Max Steel represents every birthday and Christmas that I spent with my family. Max Steel represents every playtime that I had with my little brother. Max Steel represents every moment that I defied the limits of my imagination to create the most spectacular adventures so that my figures could show off.

Sadly, maybe you have not heard of Max Steel because he was discontinued in the US after the events of 9/11. Unfortunately, one of his secret agent missions had a certain resemblance to what happened later in the aforementioned event. Thus, he lost popularity; however, in Latin America he had a drastic change, so he was maintained until 2012. Basically, his antagonists became criminals who damaged the environment, such as Toxzon who used cool weapons made of oil, methane, and other pollutants in order to transform the planet into a toxic waste dump. Due to Max Steel’s success in Latin America, Mattel tried to reintroduce the franchise in the US by rebooting it in 2013. The reboot was a failure because it destroyed the essence of the original character.


To celebrate Max Steel’s 20th anniversary, I have created the #maxsteel2019 initiative (the community is mainly on Twitter... at least for now). This petition will be sent to Richard Dickson, president of Mattel.

The community wants the original franchise to return at least for 2019 (seriously, 2019 is a very special year for us... maybe a movie, some special merchandise, and definitely many action figures... lots of them). Please help us because we want to show that Max Steel can appeal to everyone. Do you like extreme sports or action in general? Well, you will love Max Steel because many times he uses his athletic abilities to stop the villains who seem unbeatable. Are you a nerd like me? Well, you will also love Max Steel because with him you can get a taste of nanotechnology, space adventures, futuristic vehicles, robots, gadgets, etc. If the Max Steel franchise is handled with care and passion, it can greatly reward Mattel. Mr. Dickson, if you need ideas to successfully bring Max Steel back, I can help you; just contact me.

Help us by signing the petition and by spreading the news using the hashtag #maxsteel2019. Try to put the aforementioned hashtag in every tweet/post that you write.

With anticipation I want to thank you all on behalf of every Max Steel fan for every signature and tweet/post that you send.


I know that we are not the biggest fan community in the world, but please help us because we absolutely want to see Max Steel again, and we want to give everyone the same opportunity to know and play with this magnificent action figure.


To find/contact me...

To learn more about Max Steel...

(It is like an encyclopedia of Max Steel... seriously, it has everything that you need to know. The blog is in Spanish, but we can use our friend the translator.)

(This is the last episode of the series... it perfectly summarizes the adventures of Max Steel)

(Coming soon... each tweet will contain something related to Max Steel. It will be a tool to learn and/or enjoy.)

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!