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Mattel Please Create a Bald Barbie for little girls with cancer...

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There are millions of people fighting cancer every day... Many of them are young children who don't understand what is happening to them. All the dolls they play with are perfect images...many of their mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers are fighting breast cancer and they don't understand why their mother, sister, aunt or grandmother no longer have hair on their head or why their breasts are no longer there.

I lived this experience as a mother of a four year old daughter who saw her mother go bald and have her breasts removed in order to survive breast cancer and see my little girl grow up. Perhaps Mattel can help change the image that society has given... a beautiful woman has large breasts and hair on her head.

At the same time, raising money for children fighting cancer by donating a portion of the proceeds to St. Judes. Imagine a Beautiful Bald Mattel Barbie Doll dressed in pink named "HOPE" making such an incredible difference in the world of cancer and young children!    

A change we humans being haven't been able to do...Change the image of "Beauty" those fighting cancer have beauty too!">|Start an">Online Petition »

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