Urgent need for a animal control shelter in Carver County, MN. Only Minnesota please.

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Hello. I would like to introduce myself. I am Linda Hoffman the lost and found cat volunteer for Carver County.

I am writing to you as there is a very urgent need for animal control facility in Carver County.

I wish to state the reasons why it is very important for an animal control facility in Carver County.

I get notified when a citizen has found a cat and they do not know where to take the cat in Carver County. It is so hard to tell them that there is not a place to take them in Carver County.

What is needed is Animal Control shelter very similar to Four Paws Animal Control in Shakopee for Scott County. They are open 24 hours and take in cats and dogs from the Scott County area. It is a win-win situation as the cats and dogs are off the streets, are somewhere safe,  and less likely to be hurt or killed by cars or wild animals plus the chances increase that they will be reunited with the owners or , after the 5-day stray hold, if necessary, they reach out to rescues.

I wish to cite a couple of examples to make my point.

Last fall, in Chaska, resident found a calico cat. She could not bring it in her house, Valu Care Vet was full and could not take in anymore cats, Carver Scott Humane Society does not take in  strays or lost cats so she released the cat back outside. A few days later she found the cat deceased on her property.

A  few weeks ago in Carver, a lady had set a live trap to catch a possum instead she caught a cat. I was tagged in the post and the lady did not know what to do and said no one could help her. She released the cat as  there was no place available to take the cat to. I  have no idea what has happened to the cat if it has been seen again. The area where she lives in Carver has a lot of coyotes around. I do not know who the cat belongs to and it could be somebody's long lost cat. We will probably never know now.

Most recently, on April 27th, I was notified about a cat up a tree on Ravoux Road. I was notified on April 28th from a resident who found the cat on their driveway with a harness on it on April 27th at night, they kept it in their garage overnight, fed it, took it to the vet this morning.The cat is a unneutered male,and no microchip but had to have a family due to the harness on it. The resident could not keep it at her house and had to take it to a shelter in another part of the Twin Cities. It would have been better to take it to a shelter in Carver County(closer to home) in case the family was or is found.

These tthree situations could have had a more positive outcome if there was a shelter location to take the cat to or have an animal control officer come pick them up.

Scott County is authorized to take in dogs from Carver County. One solution would be to have a agreement with Scott County to have them house cats from Carver County also.

The other obvious solution is to create animal control facility in Carver County where cats and dogs can be taken to.

I hope you can see the importance of having a animal control facility whether in Carver County or with a agreement with Scott County.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss this further. Please take this very seriously.

Thank you very much.

Linda Hoffman

41 Dawn view Drive

Chaska, Mn 55318

















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