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Fight for our consumer rights

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Consumers in Australia are allegedly protected by consumer laws set out by each state. In NSW, this is governed  by NSW Fair Trading. Unfortunately, through a recent experience, it has been found that these laws may be in place, but they do nothing to protect the consumer from faulty products. The retailers and manufacturers actively disobey these laws to save their own money, leaving the consumer with a faulty product and the cost to repair it. The company policies in regard to faulty products out of 'warranty' actively disobey the law. The consumer laws are supposed to allow consumers a right to a product free from faults for a 'reasonable time' after purchase, however, the retailers and manufacturers will try to claim that once a warranty has expired, there is nothing that can be done (which is false under consumer law).

According to Australian Consumer Law (taken from NSW Fair Trading website), consumers are protected by consumer guarantees.

Consumer guarantees 
Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), most products and services bought in Australia (from 1 January 2011) come with automatic guarantees that the items or services will work and do what you asked for.

Businesses must provide these automatic guarantees regardless of any other warranties they give to you or sell you. If a business fails to deliver any of these guarantees, you have consumer rights for:

  • repair, replacement or refund
  • cancelling a service
  • compensation for damages and loss.

Repairs, refunds, replacements
You have the right to a repair, refund or replacement if goods or services bought in Australia (from 1 January 2011) do not meet one or more consumer guarantees. Guarantees apply to both major and minor problems. 

This petition aims to make the businesses accountable, and get the penalties changed. Currently, there is no real penalty to a business to not obey consumer law. This needs to change, and consumers need to know they have a right to a product that is of an acceptable standard, and lasts. Lets see some real change in the penalties, reporting system and educate consumers on our rights. 

Matt Kean MP, as the minister in charge of the NSW Fair Trading, has the power to create positive change for the consumer.

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