Equality of employment conditions for General Practice Nurses

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There is a large disparity in pay and conditions between nurses working within general practice. 
GP employers, unlike the rest of the NHS, do not have any legal or statutory obligation to offer the same conditions and salary to practice nurses compared with their colleagues working in community and secondary care. We strongly believe that this needs to change.
General practice nursing vacancies are high and with a third of practice nurses estimated to retire by 2020, this is dramatically increasing. Many nurses are put off the role, or leave, due to the differences in employment conditions when compared against those within Agenda for Change. For example, lack of maternity or sick pay, less holiday entitlement, no set pay scale and a lack of a clear structure for career progression. In July 2017 NHS England set out an exciting 10 point plan to improve the profile of practice nursing but we feel they will struggle to achieve this without having equal employment conditions in place.
Practice nurses play a vital role in delivering care and, as with all nurses, do our jobs in order to improve the lives of those we care for rather than any personal gain. This, however, has lead to huge inequalities in the way we are treated.
As Practice Nurses, according to NHS England, we have the responsibility to lead change.
Please help us achieve this and support us in our campaign for equality and fairness.