Mandatory Regulation for the Hair, Barber & Beauty Industry

Mandatory Regulation for the Hair, Barber & Beauty Industry

1 June 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Collette Osborne

DID YOU KNOW ? The hair , barber & beauty industry is NOT YET REGULATED?

This means anyone who hasn't had any formal training at all can:

  • Cut your hair with razor sharp scissors  
  • Use chemicals on your hair to colour with no knowledge of the consequences. Which could result in permanent damage to your hair and even hair loss. Not to mention expensive treatments and colour corrections by a qualified professional.
  • Inject your face & lips with chemicals with NO MEDICAL TRAINING Which could result in permanent damage and lengthy medical intervention and cost to you in an attempt to resolve which isn't always possible.  PLEASE CHECK THE CQC REGISTER FOR A QUALIFIED MEDICAL PRACTITIONER
  • Microblade your eyebrows & even semi permanent your eyebrows with only in most cases a suppliers course - with even the supplier not being qualified.  Which could result i permanent scaring with no recourse. You only have to google to see the huge amount of treatments gone wrong. 
  • Take an electric file to your nail bed and use illegal glues to fix acrylic nails.  Which could result in serious infection. the glues used to fix nails are used in concrete which is why they stay on until drilled off. 

We are not trying to alarm you but the fact is the hair & beauty industry in the UK is not currently regulated in anyway and alarmingly never has been... 

This means you are not only paying for someone who isn't qualified to perform the service you are also at risk as most are not insured and you are left with the consequences if harmed.  

We also have a problem with modern slavery where people are exploited and used to work in sub standard salons not qualified and are not paid to perform your service - check Denise Porter investigations and media on this subject.  

Other countries have full regulation and safety checks. 

So please help us make a positive change to regulate our industry and stop the se rogue traders 

Make sure you know that the person performing a service for hair or beauty on you is QUALIFIED and you are SAFE !  That all the health & safety checks and balances have been done. 

Let us give you an idea of the amount if training a typical hairdresser does. 

  • Hairdressers initially have to qualify in NVQ 1/2 in Hairdressing which is a formal course taking anything from 18 months to 2 years. 
  • Then then usually have gone on to train in specialist areas and done an additional 18 months in an NVQ 3 
  • Then also undergo extensive in salon training and some go on to do an additional 1/2 years to gain a specialist colour qualification equivalent to an HNC ( just an example) 
  • Before they work on the public they have to have passed off many many areas including not just cutting and colouring and all the science that goes with it but health & safety etc. 
  • Some then go on to do a further 3 years to become a Trichologist 

So in your salon your hairdresser has usually done anything from 2 to 6 years training to cut, colour and treat your hair. 

Barbers do a similar but shorter version 

Beauticians have  NVQ 1 to NVQ 7 and this takes many years !

Then we have companies offering an "online" course to learn to cut hair or perform beauty treatments in a week and most shocking mostly a day! 

Anyone who has ever had a treatment go wrong knows too well the huge personal cost when a treatment goes wrong and in most cases non qualified people trading are not insured. 

Would you ..

  • Take an online course in electrics and then go and attempt to re wire your house?
  • Allow a non qualified medic to inject you or take sharp instruments on you? 
  • Allow a dentist who had qualified in a day to treat you?

If you sign this petition we will use it to get an amendment to an Act of Parliament 1964 held by The Hair & Barber Council to make it mandatory with all the checks and balances that YOU WOULD EXPECT  for any professional trade. The British Beauty Council represent the entire beauty industry. 

We would then take the time to ensure that our industry is correctly regulated and that you the public are paying for a qualified person and not someone who has never qualified at all. 

Thank you fore taking the time to read this and please share to your friends. 

Your Hair Barber & Beauty Industry UK 

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Signatures: 3,695Next Goal: 5,000
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