Help tackle COVID - National Health Study

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We have a global emergency. There is no known treatment for COVID-19. There is much fear and anxiety in the population. Our publicly funded healthcare systems are overwhelmed. People are told not to attend GP surgeries, pharmacies or hospitals. The public are trying many different treatments, some of which might help prevent and/or treat COVID, or delay progress. However, data on what is being used by the population is not being collected.  We don't even know how many people have the disease. The evidence needed to tackle COVID is absent.

We need a system to collect the information to answer these questions. We need to create a population based ‘learning health system’. We need to collect and aggregate information from the public, and have an overview of multiple patient populations, trends and statistics in real time. This will provide a live platform that will facilitate the rapid testing of the most promising ideas to prevent and manage every disease.

To do this we need to recruit 1+ million adults via social media into an online National Health Study.  We need to collect daily/ weekly information via SMS/email on their COVID/ influenza symptoms/ status, health related quality of life, long term conditions, and any treatments/strategies they are using. We have the technology and platform to swiftly collect this data.

When implemented this will provide the nation with a ‘learning health system’ which will deliver the evidence needed to tackle COVID, and whatever lies beyond.