Forgotten casualties of covid 19

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Evie Toombes is 18 and has spinabifida and gastroparesis.Before the corona virus struck she was due to have a potentially life saving procedure to enable her to get the nutrition she needs to stay alive. This was cancelled, and there is currently nothing due to happen in the near future . Evie attends hospital twice a week for potassium infusions ... these do not help her to gain weight, low potassium (hypokalaemia) can cause abnormal heart rhythm and muscle paralysis. Evie’s drop to life threatening levels of under 2.5. Her BMI is now 12!

Please sign to try to get recognition for Evie and many like her, who simply don’t have the time to wait for their treatments and surgeries... by the time they might be addressed it could be too late.

Everyone is shocked and saddened by the terrible number of deaths caused by this cruel virus but please please let’s try to avoid even more indirect fatalities who could be saved by actions taken NOW, not sometime in the future, as that future is probably something many won’t have .