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Stop using real fur in costuming

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The use of real fur is completely unnecessary and promotes the cruel fur industry.  Fur-bearing animals are killed by gassing, neck  breaking, anal  electrocution,  clubbing,  trapping and injection  with  poisons  so  as  not  to  damage  their  pelts.  These  animals  live  horrendous existences when  they are "ranch-raised" on  a "fur farm",  or  are  brutally killed in the hands of trappers.  On ranches, they spend their entire lives in tiny,  filthy cages and  suffer tremendously, many become deranged until they  meet with brutal deaths. The U.S. produces about 10% of the cage-raised fur in the world; 60 to 75% of the fur in  coats  sold  in  the  U.S.  comes  from  cage-raised animals, and 90% of cage-raised foxes are used  in  fur-trim. Hopefully, if enough people respectfully ask the producers of Game Of Thrones to STOP using real fur, they will listen!

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