Justice for John Buckley, former Army Ranger

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, our plea is for you to have former Army Ranger John Calvin Buckley's case re-opened.
He deserves a fair trial where the truth can be heard, something he was denied by those who came before you. Governor Bevin, to ignore these pleas is to sentence John to death, because there is no doubt that they are killing him in prison. This is John's story...

50 Shades of Grey’s Christian and Anastasia may have had a glamorous relationship on the big screen, but if Mr. Grey lived in Kentucky he could be jailed for decades. This isn’t a pitch for a spinoff series, it’s the real-life nightmare former U.S. Army Ranger John Calvin Buckley IV is living today.

A former lover’s betrayal resulted in this decorated veteran spending his days locked in solitary confinement. Prison authorities refuse him much-needed medical care, and deny him the human rights he risked his life to defend. John was convicted of rape after his angry ex-lover reported one of their many “50 Shades” encounters as non-consensual – which he vehemently denies. In fact, he passed a polygraph examination, by a retired FBI examiner, which asked very pointed questions about that relationship. Unlike Christian Grey in the movie, John wasn’t wise enough to insist on a signed consent form.

Buckley was a member of the U.S. Army’s elite 3rd Ranger Battalion and saw his first combat 40 days after the 9-11 attacks. He served from August 2000 through December 2005 and earned combat citations and a Purple Heart in deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. There he suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). Upon his honorable discharge, the VA concluded John was 100% service-connected disabled.

“In 2009, my son became a victim of Kentucky justice,” said attorney John Calvin Buckley III, the prisoner’s Colorado Springs-based father. Here are the incidents that led to Ranger Buckley’s incarceration.

Driving slowly with his girlfriend and infant daughter through a parking lot on a rainy day, John stopped short of hitting a man who suddenly stepped out from between two cars. The man cursed, shouted, and charged John’s car, banging his hood and moving menacingly to the driver’s window. John’s training kicked into action. Thinking his family was at risk from carjacking, he drew his legal firearm and ordered the man to lace his fingers behind his head and go to his knees. At the same time, he told his girlfriend to dial 911. It was only after being peaceably subdued that the man identified himself as Lexington (KY) Police Detective Steven Cobb.

John was brought before a Grand Jury for numerous felony charges. The Grand Jury decided, after less than five minutes of deliberation, to drop all charges. Within an hour of the result, John’s lawyer was called by a police contact in the area and told, “No one pulls a gun on a cop in Lexington and gets away with it.” How that incident became the start of John’s road to prison is described at the family’s website, JusticeForJohnBuckley.com.

“We explain this horror story further at the website and show you how you can help set an innocent man free,” his father said. “We have gone to incredible lengths, in vain, to try to get prison officials to back off their inhumane behavior, and to get the State of Kentucky to re-open his case. There is an American hero, my son, being treated horribly in prison, where he’ll rot for almost four decades unless the public puts pressure on decision-makers in Kentucky.”